Looking for very specific stocks/ AR, VR, AI, 3d


I am new here and am looking for stocks that would profit from a financial profit to Unity Technologies. I thought they have their own stock but can’t find anything or any value or any history of it. First companies hire off people from the slow rendering vfx industry to joing the realtime world, I see a strong tendency with gpu based rendering and increased progressive realtime rendering technologies that will eventually merge the two. Ai is the key.

Secondly what do you guys think of Victory Square stock. It’s down. But I do work in this business for 15 years and know both Unity and everything related to VR & AR will dominate the market in the long run, far more than apple or facebook ever did. We’re on the brink of a technological change.
Also why is Victory square down if it fused with blockchain, ok we haven’t seen a single blockchain wallet going online but many people who made millions from the bitcoin bubble are now developing their own blockchain wallets, and once all of them go live it will rule the market, i say so bc. My friends who actively develop blockchain get insane salaries for doing so. It seems too important for being rudimentary technology.

Third question.
A recently launched company in california that provides cloud based remote gpu rendering wants to go international. Every single user worldwide will have one of these accounts as you can play insanely detailed computergames on phones or old laptops, home technology is irrelevant for 80$ a month. A fast expensive computer is oboslete, everything goes by a blockchain subscription.
What is the name of this company again and are they on the market, do they have competition? And what are the related stocks?

Thanks in advance for your help and your opinions
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