Looking for a new broker

Aug 9, 2011
Hi Guys.

I guess you must get threads like this all the time. I have tried to do my own research but found it very difficult to find an appropriate broker. Anyway..

I began trading as a complete novice in Sebtember last year. I was getting along quite well all things considered with MF Global until November when it all went to ****. So between then an now I have been trying to arrange getting my funds returned whilst seeking out a replacement. So, on to the meat of it all:

I am looking to do end of day trading on companies in the FTSE 350.
My account size is in the region of £2,000.
I would like to risk 1% per trade, so minimum bet needs to be around 20p per point and move in sensible increments, not 20p 40p 60p etc.
Beyond that I would like what everyone else likes; security, tight spreads, a sign up bonus that isn't a scam :rolleyes:

Please help a newbie find a good broker!