Looking for a New Broker and a New Charting

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Sep 10, 2008

I currently use as a Broker Charles Schawb and for charting software TC2000.

Charles Schawb
Very cheap round trades
Very easy to use the website interface

Very limited - you can trade only US stocks and bonds
Charting platform very bad
Limited fundamentals

Very cheap
Very easy to use even to create your own indicator even if you are not a programmer
Very good looking charts

Very limited only us stocks - now they charge extra for forex
very limited fundamentals

I started using Schawb and TC2000 because they were very cheap and if you trade US stocks all the fundamental information you can find it for free in other places

I would like to trade international stocks and that is the reason why I will like to change broker and charting platform.

Also I will like to trade Forex

the important characteristics for me are:
Simple to use
Able to trade international stocks
Able to trade Forex
Fundamentals data (is not a must but is a big plus)

I know that some brokers offer different charting software for free
Please give advice on best charting and broker and if possible a combination of the 2

Kind regards