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Hello, all!

Sorry to flood this with searching for a job, however, I guess that’s what this area of the forum is for.

I recently graduated and am now looking for a job either in trading or a related analyst role. While in school I held demo accounts for a bit (had no capital, but did put some money in a Robinhood account that I made for passive income opportunities and doubled it through a 1/2 and 1/2 split between US equity and Crypto).

In the demos I had a commodities (futures) and an equity account. The equity account was for around a year where I mainly held blue chips with no debt (or a very low debt ratio) hedged to financial institutions that made money off IR volatility and debt servicings- mainly places like PNC and BOA over the past year. The return was close to double the SP over the same time period.

The commodities/future I held was mainly trading Crude Oil and the Emini(SP). For Oil, I created my own mathematical model for resistance/support (TA) lines on swing trades where I’d buy in at the break. The model had a a success rate of 86.67% with Crude Oil when benchmarked to WTI movement. I don’t hold much weight in my Emini performance since all the trade came in late 2018 when the markets gained a lot of ground. That model backed to Emini(SP) movements (backtested only) had ~78% success rate. Traded this demo for 6 months and approximately ~40 total trade for a ROI just above 200%. I don’t like trading demos since that return is unlikely given spreads and so on, however, demos are all I can do at the moment.
I’ve been offered a bunch of roles from the “prop shops” that require a contribution, however, that business model scares me. I tried a week out at T3 and Chimera this summer and that was a bad experience. I realize the market for a dream shop that pays a salary and no capital contribution existed 10 years ago, but I love trading.

Sadly, from some of the bigger private floors that I’ve been interviewed at, I’ve gotten the same response “we like what you bring, but come back when you have some experience and a partner will likely back you”.

Is there any advice on a specific role or firm to gain some experience in trading operations or even equity analysis to build a better foundation of the basics? I am pretty much open to anything. I feel like I’m running out of options since I have tons and tons of resumes out there and the only takers have been those “prop shops” and a couple of other firms, but again, not being picky, however, their opportunities weren’t what I was looking for.

All responses are welcome! I apprentice the help.

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