Look what Santa is bringing me...


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Something to warm the cockles........ OK I'm sorry is it's sexist, but maybe one of the girl's can post something suitable!. To give your idle brains something to do over the Xmas period, You have to put up a suitable caption for the photograph in the following thread. It may cause offence to some, but it's no worse than any Page 3 photo.......
Happy Xmas to you all.


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Here's mine.
Following a recent change in Passenger Safety Policy, British Airways has announced the appointment of it's first "Air Marshals" as a first line of defence against terrorist attacks. A spokesperson said ' Since their introduction, all available tickets on those flights have been sold out until Xmas 2004'.......
And another one.....
Skim has hired some assistants to help her tranfer her wheelbarrows full of cash to the bank.... Applications to her TA courses are now running at over a thousand a week....
Here's another one: "Having heard that ChartMan had gone behind their backs and was preparing to make an honest woman of Carol, the posse were out looking for his scalp."

Tut tut ChartMan, you're threatening to bring T2W into disrepute!
RIGHT !!!!
WHO !!!! advised us to to buy those's shares. :mad:( Was it you Chartman ????????

Merry Xmas to all members


Was it bear chested woods, or go into the bear infested woods ?