Long rentals in France


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Having entered a mid life crisis I am working on making a permanent move to France so that I can trade over there and fling my oil paint around.

However, I would like to rent a small flat near Potier/Charente for a few months whilst the wife and I explore the property market.

So - does anyone know of a source for CHEAP flat rentals in that area ( £100 per week) ?

Neil :(
There is a brochure called "French Locations" which specialises in long term lets (not sure if they have a website, sorry). The Chez Nous book also has an excellent selection - you can get them to send it to you free rather than pay for it in a Newsagent.
"France" and "Living France" magazines are also excellent resources, but as a Francophile you probably already know that :)

renting in France

Thanks for that.

I have found a site where a cottage is rented out in the charente at £250 per Month. Research sure pays off.

Dear Neil

As a matter of interest which broker(s) will you be using whilst in France and which ISP/computer spec?

Will you be on Broadband?

I suspect you are contemplating giving up UK Residence. All those tax free Isas will no longer be tax free in France but have you any first hand knowledge of the French equivalents. I believe that they may possibly be more generous but I don`t know whether they come in self select mode?


No idea is the general answer but IB will be the broker.

I would like broad band in the Charente and I am presently researching that aspect. I don't have any ISA,s.

Being early retired my aim is to enjoy life and leave nothing to anyone.

regards :)
Neil, some more links you may find useful in your ISP research :

This one lets you find out if you can get ADSL in your chosen location (you'll need to type a phone number in, but you can easily enough find one for the local Mairie or something from Google) :

With France being so rural, ADSL tends to be only available in larger towns, so you might find satellite a better option :

And a general french ISP info site :

Hope those are useful,

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Cottage in Charente £250pmth

Hi Neil,

I am also looking for long term lets.

Could you advise which site offered the above?