"Long or Short" please help


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To all,

I have been trying to track down a source of information that is described in a TA book of John Murphy's, the source was "CTS financial Publishing", the information details if large commercial positions are shorting or going long in the market and where traders and small investors are positioned.

I have heard on Bloomberg that large commercials are currently net short.

And while I think of it if put/call ratios are available on the net somewhere.

If any body can point me in the right direction I would be most grateful


I thought that sort of info was for commodity futures. What market are you talking about?
Just had a thought. It's "Commitmment of Traders" report.
COT is usually so out of date as to be useless. I have never met any serious trader who has been able use it profitably.
I think Oatman is correct- it's the "open interest" figures from futures exchanges..
In fact looking at the link provided they are all futures exchanges aren't they? - no NYSE or AMEx or NASDAQ.
A few years ago, the bullion market had what was known as " the bullish consensus" which consisted of some analytical firm polling a bunch of us traders and basically asking how bullish we were- the higher the figure- the more people were bullish, and of course themore likely the market was to go down ( 100% bullishness meant total sell- no one left to buy it!) Well it worked until the trading fraternity worked out this startling bit of insight and started trying to give misleading information. Fun while it lasted!