London-Free Clerk/Quant Help for Top Trader (From Financial Analyst).


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Hello All,

I'm currently working as a financial analyst at the UK's largest pension fund in The City. I have developed a strong interest in trading throughout the past years. In the interest of furthering my knowledge and taking a risk free, deeper look into the industry here is what I am offering:

For any trader who considers themselves successful and very lucrative in the industry I will work on

-Financial, clerical, etc duties for free in the hopes of gaining a mentor and eventually becoming a successful trader.
-Initially, I would be free to work from 6pm on MWF, and a full day on the weekend (you pick).

My aim is to learn from someone who has done very well in trading, while holding on to my current day job since my knowledge is brief. Working with and interacting with people is my favourite way to learn. I am open to other options/ suggestions that may point in the same direction.

A brief summary about myself:

I'm an English born, American raised, son of two Scottish parents. I know, it's confusing to me as well. I originally returned to London from the U.S. in 2008 on an internship in Corporate Finance and from that point on knew I was going to return someday to peruse the dream of being a greatly successful finance/ economic professional. A year ago I moved back and have been avidly searching for the path that suits me best. The last words one of my most successful Uncles told me before his passing was “start young”.

For fun I play rugby and hang out with my pretty, English girlfriend who consistently mocks my American accent.

Why I think I may be able to be a successful trader:

-Highly numerate.
-"Off the charts perception reasoning (trend recognizing)"- person who took my IQ not me. Sorry for the indirect bragging.
-Money management skills and self control.
-Fascination of the markets and behavioural finance.

Please let me know if you or anyone else would be interested and send me the relevant contact details.

Lee Shepherd

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Hi BullBear,

My name is Lee Shepherd. I operate in a very small and personable group of traders.

We are successful and withdraw money on a monthly basis - we NEVER top up our accounts.

We specialise only in betting on Ftse 100, Dax 30, S&P500, DJIA 30 and some U.K equities. We don't bet outside of this but we do study many other instruments that can affect our target markets.

We use market sentiment, fundamentals and technical analysis

We trade off medium to long term time frames only. Small comms/spreads for large gains. We do not day trade. Our Risk:Reward is extremely high as is our success rate.

We use spread bet firms to win our money and therefore pay no tax but also receive no 'income' - this can be difficult if you need an income to declare earnings for mortgages/loans or even a mobile phone etc but does automatically give us an extra 40%+ edge as we pay no tax.

We specialise in Excel and take much advantage of the graphs and calculations this has to offer.

Please feel free to contact me. I am in nature very transparent but will not go out to prove something for the hell of it, i've done all that previously and got nowhere. However, please do feel free to read my trading diary which you can find by typing into your search engine 'Lee Shepherds Trading Diary'. You will see extracts of a 6 months history. I have also live traded for over a year here on this very board in a live trading room.

I look forward to potentially teaming up with you to crunch ideas. The more good eyes one has the better they see.

All the best,

Lee Shepherd


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Hi Lee,

Thanks for the post. I have sent you a message.
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