Liverpool Fans

And the Toons will take over the top slot :) Now let's not have any arguments about this :)
You'll Never Walk Alone

Hello madgooner.

I will have to disagree with you. The ball came off both of them at the same time which means it could have gone either way. Well with 10,000 Liverpool supporters behind the goal, the ref might have been swayed.

Do you remember the award winning dive that a Mr. Jeffers took at Highbury - I was so impressed with it I gave it a "9.7". You shouldn't have had 1 point that night, and we maybe shouldn't have got the corner. The idea situation would be for us to have won at highbury and you to win at Anfield - it would have meant an extra point each :D


Come on Madgooner sing with me

When you walk through a storm
Hold your head up high,
And don't be afraid of the dark.
At the end of a storm,
There's a golden sky,
And the sweet silver song of a lark.
Walk on through the wind, Walk on through the rain,
Though your dreams be tossed and blown...
Walk on, walk on, with hope in your heart,
And you'll never walk alone... You'll never walk alone.
Walk on, walk on, with hope in your heart,
And you'll never walk alone...
You'll never walk alone.

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Very good FSTE, pity you are not going to win anything this year (again)

At least the Arsenal got stuffed for 2 points which means the Toons get two points closer :)
On a point of fact, the decision should have gone to the defenders if there was any doubt. Aparently the assistant ref was adamant.....,

Your not one of those Toon supporters are you? and if so does the better half know? ;)


Have you not heard - Tell your mum put the champagne on Ice, were going to Cardiff Twice :D
Hi Madgooner

The treble is still on.

The League
Worthless Cup
The Ufea Cup.

That makes 3 :D Piece of Cake
first though, perhpas now time to get another decent striker. NOthing too wrong with middle, defence sorted out after earlier wobble....but dear o dear, MO needs top top partner, clear as it has ever been. The poor guy's burned out running behind very fit back lines for a years....