Lightning McQueen


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What happened him, no activity since 17 June. Has he been assassinated by a trading vendor or did he turn out to be The Hare?


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was just thinking same earlier on today PB, hope he is on extended holiday, good egg is L McQ.


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Lord Flasheart hasn't appeared on the Live Trading thread for a while either, if the gossip is to be believed.

Maybe the two of them have eloped together.


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He's touring the caribbean in his yacht after selling his 89 courses.

Mr. Charts

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Perhaps The Don was deposed.
Or terminated with extreme prejudice as collateral damage in the T2W Great Summer Massacre of '13.


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I heard he'd been arrested for assault and was currently incarcerated, awaiting trial.

It does appear that it was a misunderstanding though.

Something about a passer by being in the wrong place at the wrong time when LM threw quite a heavy toy out of his pram.
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