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End Of Day Trading

Those who are prepared to accept there is no such thing as a free lunch, holy grail or guaranteed quick buck have probably attained a state of mind in which they can realistically expect - with proper application - to make a sensible living from trading the (US) stock markets.

I have tried the 'Mr Charts' style of news breakout trading, dabbled in Nas level 2, flirted with Elliott et al and been amazed by watching Grey1 trade. I have both made and lost money day trading but find the possible rewards are not worth the risk to health or family life.

While day trading I have never lost sight of the attractions of position trading. One can on a daily (even weekly or monthly) basis identify good trades, place the selected trades in the market (I use IB) and manage those trades in less than 1 hour per day / week / month. The possible absolute returns are not as great as day trading but I can make 50% - 80% per annum and, as I have reasonable capital, that will do nicely for me thank you.

Accordingly I have left the frenetic world of intraday trading far behind me. If I never visit it again it will be too soon.

I shall here record my daily trades so that, over time, others may see profits being made and, I hope, be encouraged to follow suit and 'get a life'.

Good trading and a better life to you all.