Let's talk about the stories behind T2W names, shall we?


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There are lots of interesting names here at T2W, behind many of which there are stories, I believe.

So would you like to talk about your story behind your name? :D


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'clylbw' are the combined initials of my parents.

I am profoundly grateful to my parents as they have encouraged me to go after my dreams and supported me to do what I really want to do. Cheers, Mom and Dad; I could not have hoped for better parents.
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BBB- I had no real intention of adding anything to these boards. I needed to register though to read a thread. I just hit the first key under my finger a few times.

I was also reading Rem Of a Stock Op at the time. A few days after there was something about Brains, Bold, Boodle - a fictitious stock broker I think - that gave me the signature and half witted reasoning!!


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I lived for 10 years in the far North of Scotland where there are many Gaelic/Norse influences. Rognvald is the original Norse version of my first name Ronald which in turn is a contemporary version of the Scots name Ranald.


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In my younger days I used to:

a) play in a Quiz team
b) get blindingly drunk after a game of cricket

On one such Saturday we had a mock quiz amongst ourselves and I was struggling to mutter anything as my brain was addled.

Someone answered a question Jonny Tits (The answer was Jonny Bristol the singer) at which point I complained that they were getting all the easy answers. So they asked me the same question. Of course in all seriousness I answered Jonny Tits as I'd never heard of Jonny Bristol at that point.

Since that day I've been called Jonny Tits or JonnyT for short.

Another nickname is Sledge as I'm always pulled by Dogs but thats another story!



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hmm, I have a goldfish tank next to my computer... and not much imagination, so it would seem!


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I did a Fellowship at Cranfield a few years back and there was certainly more than £5 worth of damage to be done as there were plenty of aircraft there.



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PV & A
There is no escape from my WMD's


£5/£5bn - the government doesn't care so long as there are taxpayers


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13 - my lucky no. esp on fridays! honest.


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hmmmm. on Friday the 13th 1967 ( or thereabouts) I put myself in hospital for 3 weeks and 6 months off work. Not lucky for me :(


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well it was like this..no,you don't really want to know ;)

Ok,then why not..many moons ago when I believed unquestionably in the notion of expertise I allowed a solicitor to pursue a bad debt on my behalf..outcome was he incurred a sum on my behalf in excess of 6 figures which was some 10 times greater than the sum being chased...afterwards I thought to myself..what a chump I was to allow that to happen..needless to say I took the lesson to heart.
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I wish I could say I was the singer from Jamiraquai but very boringly jay and kay are just the initials of my name. There must have been 2 other similar named people before me hence I have been christened JayKay3 :LOL:
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