John Murphy system


an any one help....

I have John Murphy's chart patern recognition system,
and when I run a expoloration on all the shares in UK market I dont get a signal, I have tested this to, as far back as 4 months but to no avail,

Do you think there is something wrong with the program or has there not been any signals???

If any one has this sofware please tell me on which date you got the last signal so I can also run an exploration on that date to confirm if it works.

Many thanks
Murphy's System

I don't follow "systems" but can't you ask the vendor?
does the vendor have a help line or chat board?

Good luck
Thanks neil

I thought it might be quicker here,
How ever an email has been sent to JM, and am waiting for a reply.

Hi P2P

I'm not sure exactly what you mean by "Murphy system" but I use the Murphy plug-in with Metastock and today it generated two signals on FTSE 350

A Symmetrical tirangle b/o on AZN and a Symmetrical triangle b/o on PFG

I attach a screenshot

His pattern recognition is are not brilliant and often misses what the mark one eyeball can see clearly.

IMO if you cannot see the pattern from the other side of the room - it's not there!


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Thank you Peter,

This is the plugin i ment,

It seems there is problem with my software becuase i did not get a signal:(

Thank you again very much.
Good luck
Hi p2p

Just a thought but when I got my Murphy software there was a slip of paper in the manual saying something along the lines of:

1. choose Explorer from tools menu
2. click Options in the Explorer dialog
3. Select Load 500 records
4. click OK

I've not tried doing the Murphy Exploration under any other conditions but worth checking?

I assume of that you use black background for your charts...if not then ignore rest of my message...

If you are using black background for charts then you may find that the signals and text is there like in Peter's chart above...but it will be in black text..!!!

So if you have attched the expert to chart, then right click and check the settings of font colours etc of the expert...and you may find it will be there but hidden...
Thanks Peter / zambuck

Peter it was becuase I had not selected enough loads,
Its now working thanks every one. :)

Just one more thing how do you feel about this system > has it worked for any one I mean Profit wise?

Many thanks All