JJ Murphy's Classic Book


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Hello all - my first post here.

I have a copy of the original edition of John J Murphy's classic TA text which was then titled 'Technical Analysis of the Futures Markets'.

What I'm wondering is whether it is worth me splashing out forty quid on the more up-to-date edition 'Technical Analysis of the Financial Markets'. Would anyone who has both editions care to comment on whether the changes in the new edition are worth buying it again?

Hi foghorn


I remember when I bought this seminal classic....have bought many other TA books but this remains by my side even when abroad...

I think rather tham buying newer version etc. I would stick with the version you have and see how it helps you....after all one of the first thing that Murphy talks about is DOW theory and that has remained same regardless...Buy newer version with the money you make by using older version...

You have picked up a classic of the lot..so your life will change for the better in financial terms...

all the best