I've been robbed!!!!!

Bullish Bear

Hi all,
I've just looked at the results for the Dow competition.Having been in the lead last week and come top in the current week I was expecting to be able to bask in my small moment of glory( sad I know!).
To my horror some imposter has been invested with my rightful title. I am appalled and disappointed at this travesty of all the Laws of Natural Justice and intend to issue a writ accordingly to seek retribution for such a slur on my honour!
You may rectify this mistake within the soonest timeframe to escape my wrath or face the consequences!!!

Yours Outraged!


:D :D :D
Hi Bullish Bear

I'm as surprised as you:)

I think maybe a little slip of the finger here. I'm sure it will be corrected and you can bask to your hearts content.

But do give a little thought to me - I thought my day had come!!!
(unlike my real trading!!!)
Hi folks.

Sorry I've been away the last few days and just got back this afternoon. Don't despair Bullish Bear, I shall set up about rectifying any travesty of judgement straight away!

Since we're starting a new competition this week I've somewhat missed the boat on the incorrect rankings. So what I'll do is publish the final results from the competition last month some time during this week. And remember the scoring has changed this month so that you earn the same number of points for being the closest prediction at the end of week as you would do for correctly predicting the direction of the market. Hence Monday's entries could potentially earn 5+5 points = 10, while late predictions on Friday would only earn 1+1 point = 2 for being closest at the end of the week.