Article Is Your Trading Creating Conflict Between You and Your Partner?

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Allen looked quizzically at the charts on his monitors. For the fourth time today, he had been stopped out and he had only taken five trades. But he smiled to himself despite the four losses because he knew that he had traded this entire session “as” a winner (meaning that he had planned every trade, had traded every plan and he had followed all of his rules – explicitly). He knew that he had achieved a private victory today as he also realized that it was critically important to approach his trading one day and one trade at a time. He had learned that trading requires 100% of his attention in order to focus intently on what matters most in the trade, and that to do that, he had to remain in the moment, for the moment, fully available, fully present and in the “now” of the trade while resonating with objective reality. He felt good about his effort and knew that as long as he created consistency in mastering the trading process (continually building his skill levels, documenting...
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This Psych-101 Stuff Gets Everywhere

The reason for that is that it's a lot easier to write about the soft sciences than hard ones. Which is why the majority of articles presented for our review are all the same flavour of over generalised apply-to-all aspects of your life and it will work out just fine drivel like this.

My guess is ‘Carol’ wouldn’t give a sh|t if it was gambling, trading, gun running or any other of a million other ways to generate income as long as the money is coming in. There’s the rub.

If ‘Allen’ was consistently profitable, they’d be playing with each others navels – not gazing into them.

Still, if the trading doesn’t work out, he can always become a trading psychology writer.
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It's a peculiarly American thing to assign names to fictitious characters when writing articles about the peripheral aspects of trading. They also seem to constantly allude to sporting metaphors.
Why is it so annoying to English readers? Perhaps because it's so childish, like reading primers for the under threes.

For me, the harder and more analytical and informative the article the better, rather than this soft underbelly or navel gazing stuff.

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Anyway, who the hell needs someone else to tell them what to say to their spouse/partner ?
Are we really so emotionally immature to have to be told?


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The article's Yukspeak trading advice is of no help unless you have an understanding, intelligent and reasonable partner in which case you wouldn't need the advice anyway! In the situation described, you can't trade properly so the solution is to get rid of either your partner or your trading.

Mrs 0007 doesn't need or want to understand or interfere with my trading but appreciates the benefits; likewise me with her kitchen.


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"I need to talk with you about a difficult issue." Tried that :cry: - the bruise hasn't quite faded yet.
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Many, many men have ended up getting divorced for working too hard. the wife sees it not as being a good provider but as a personal challenge to herself and its ego based.


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supposing he is wrong and is a Gambler ?

the Family have a point - if 95% of traders lose money then they are correct to challenge him and show concern !!

and I also believe that a Demo trader moving to real dollars will fail if they are lying in anyway to themselves and their family....this is not a 9-5 steady job with a bonus and pension plan....its trading

I believe that relationships can only survive where the Trader was sucessfully trading before the relationship began least there is a track record to build the trust on....



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Must make a choice....

Trader needs to determine what he really want to do. Sometimes your personal goals may conflict with the goals of the rest of your family. So the trader needs to decide what is more important.


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I make a living trading full time, I quit working 3 years ago after my life to date trading profits exceeded my life to date income from working by a good margin, In the past three years I have made a very healthy income, it allows my wife to be a stay at home mum with a full time helper and pays for our child to attend a good private school, my wife wants for nothing. However she sees what I do as messing about on the internet in my office and is very derogatory of what I do to all our friends, it causes a real strain and she wants me to go back out to work, her attitude annoys the hell out of me as I see that I am fully providing for my family but get nothing but insults in return ....