Is that you Hibble??

I noticed our latest member is Hibble, is that the Hibble from the old CI bb, if it is a warm welcome back, look forward to your posts and good luck,

Good observation Col...same here whether he is the same one or a new one...welcome on board I'd say...

Yes tis I

the same Hibble. And thanks, it is nice to join your site too. Look forward to exchanging ideas with you all on the BB. For now, may I just congratulate Paul for all the hard work he has put into the site so far.

Regards Hibble
Well i never !

Nice to see that man Hibble return from the wilderness .
Should get some respect for all his efforts on this BB hopefully..... :)
And yet another one - or is it two - return to the fold, Hibble and Giggsy...........Welcome Home Hibble, and Giggsy too - whatever your name was on the the old CI board.

Best wishes