is it a problem?


newbie here !!!

hi all!!
I am starting to getting envolve in this incrediable world of trading, still in the first steps where I am doing some reading and as well starting to investigate the differents investments possibiltites and brokers, so , I really want to get envolve not just because I have not money to trough away but also because I need it , like all of you... i supose !!!
If anyone could tell me which is the best board to start getting envolve with people and learning, I would appreciate...
Many thanks... :eek:
Read all of them...

Well, you need a rounded education.

See you in about 4 weeks then.


Hi Techcherry

Welcome to T2W :)

Options is right, it will be a lot of reading. :(
I would suggest starting at You have to start from the bottom and work your way up throught the articles, but I believe it is a great starting place. :)

If you have any questions, then I'm sure someone will be able to answer them. :)