Is investing in Bitcoin is safe ?


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You can consider bitcoin as a means of payment or as an asset. What you mean by security depends on this. If you consider Bitcoin as an asset, then investing in it cannot be 100% safe. Like any other asset, bitcoin is subject to price fluctuations and may lose value. Therefore, it cannot be bought solely for the purpose of speculative earnings. More precisely, you can, but you must take into account that you can lose money with price volatility. So, bitcoin, like any other asset, is not guaranteed to be safe, especially given the situation in the cryptocurrency market.

If you consider Bitcoin as a means of payment or as a low-profit investment (with the goal of simply saving funds), then Bitcoin is quite safe. Losing 10-15% of the cost is normal for any currency, so if you have no goal of earning money on speculation with bitcoin, then this makes sense.


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all investments are subject to risk, all you gotta do is analyse the trend and check it's history, it'll give you a better picture of when to invest and how much.


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Father, Trade2Win as usual is asleep at the wheel, every single one of them. They do what they've been doing for centuries - when a market is in free fall, they extrapolate that to infinity, thinking it will never end. They becomes so numb they can't get on alert

Bitcoin is just a hair away from a super important level. It got to within a hair or 2 of this level and got scared & jumped. There was a vibration. The level is the 61.8% replacement level of the rally from December 2018.

It goes by the name Golden Ratio = 61.8%.

Fibo has his guns oiled and cleaned and ready to go LONG. If she so much as twitches and shows like she wants to go north to the movies, Fibo is going to grab her bum, fondle it and go LONG.

No guarantees but its a challenge. This is the type of trade I love. Nobody is expecting it as its in free fall.

Its on my watch now. Failure to rally at 61.8% means we are going down about a centimeter lower to yet another key level.


Timing is everything - Bitcoin, tell me when you will be mine, tell me cuando, cuando, cuando, we will share a love divine ....



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Why? Because Misery loves company?


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I think Bitcoin's might grow in price every year. The number of coins is limited and as we know, the less the asset on the market, the more expensive it is. Different crypto wallets have appeared. I don't think they would have been invested if there was no prospects for the future. Another thing is that we have to wait again. The Bitcoin movement isn't so frequent as to take profit from it for example every month. But if there is an opportunity to invest in Bitcoin and just wait, then this can be a good decision . Maybe we should search what happens to other cryptocurrencies. This way we can create an investment portfolio to make a profit all the time.

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