Investing in Myanmar? Asia's best kept secret


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Anyone investing there, anyone visited?

Jim Rogers says it is an astonishing opportunity, like investing in China in the 1960's.

Rogers says in 1972 it was the richest country in Asia, now it's the cheapest.



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Isn't Jim Rogers a vendorscum?

Interedasting. What it was in 1972 and what it is now is largely irrelevant. They shoot Rohingyas, they are the methamphetamine production capital of the world and they aren't shy about Heroin either. The times they are a changing though. Hence opportunity.

Has to be said, they are opening the place up - bit fnck there's going to be a lot of corruption. The infrastructure is sh!te - but that simply adds to the opportunity.

It's next door to Thailand & parts of it are said to be pristine. In Thailand, everything that was pristine now has go-go bars, McDonalds & Starbucks.

The govt in Myanmar have already said that they will build a tourist industry that is not based around hookers, it'll just be based around slave labour.

I'd say a multi-pronged approach would work...

1 - Invest in non-Myanmar companies that are getting infrastructure contracts there
2 - Invest in the tourist industry there - of course a lot of that will be MNCs, so maybe the land is where it's at - but you can't own that
3 - Invest in a broad fund
4 - Invest in govt borrowing

I'd avoid individual Burmese companies. You now have me interested in looking for Myanmar based funds.... I really should throw some money this way because the place is going to explode. Especially the tourism sector - it'll be like Thailand 30 yrs ago.

BTW - are they still moving the capital city elsewhere?


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Toast, i know little if anything about it. Dont di55 rogers he is the man, greater than Buffet imo.

I do think Myanmar is set to explode, commodities rich, clear tourist untapped destination. apparently the whole economy is cash based with crisp $100 bills being the weapon of choice.

I wonder if any T2W's are there 'deep undercover', I bet you can pick up a nice beach lot out there for a couple of thou.


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I'd go for a fund, personally - I think it's one of the cases where a fund makes sense.

As long as the researcher for the fund isn't getting backhanders from the Myanioso to pump ****e.

I am looking forward to my first holiday there. I remember the first time I drove to the border, the immigration guy said "You cant drive in". I replied "but those guys are driving in" He said "but they are locals". "OK, I'll be a local for the day", he looked at me and said "You'll be walking back over this border whether you take the car or not".

I left it in the car park....
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