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Hello All. New to trading & new here. Was looking for a community of support. I’ve made some strong trades & some not so strong (pot). I want to learn more thanks!


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Hello People,

I would like to thank you all in advance for having me on this forum.

I am a NEWBIE to trading so I will be forever thankfull to you guys for I am sure this platform will be helpful for me.

I am just beginning to build my Trading portfolio and hope to keep getting good at it.

Thanks in advance.




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Hi Everyone

I am a trader and been trading for about past 5 years with great success
I have been running my telegram channel where i provide free signals and account management services

Feel free to join it
And i am looking forward to learn more from you guys and share my experience with you guys as well

My major currencies are GOLD and GBP pairs


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Hi everyone, 👋
Hope everyone is good and safe.
I just joined Trade2Win today. I am a newbie, I’ve been reading books To learn about day trading, value investing, swing trading, stock market, etc etc and a book recommended me trade2win I am trying to get familiar to the website. I‘ve been doing paper trading, and i have found difficult to find stocks to trade and a community of people who is also interested in the stock market like me... its hard when your by yourself 😣 I would like to do day trading and swing trading. Any recommendations?

Thank you,😺


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Hello everyone, my name is Justus. I've been trading and for around two years. I'm here to build my network and meet others who are interested in Crypto and Forex. That sounded corny... anyway follow me on twitter @SuperBitcorn and follow @plexlab to be one of the original members of our exclusive blockchain marketplace when the beta release drops in August. Check out the site build at!


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Joined this forum years ago.Never gave much thought.

Just re-started demo trading Futures(Indices (SPX500,NIFTY,Dow ),Crude (NYMEX,MCX) and US 10year Bonds.If things go well,hope to go live in a few months.



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Hi, everyone,
I'm a new member, been trading for quite sometime now and i have some successful trade and some disappointing ones ( I guess that's normal). Anyways, I'm glad to be here and i look forward to interacting with you all.


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Hi all

I'm rather new to trading in terms of actual trading, but have been reading a lot the last 2 years or so and studying indicators, price action, trade management, psychology etc. Have also been dabbling with mql5 and writing my own indicators.
I am a medical professional and thus am not able to spend hours in front of my computer, so I believe that swing trading is probably more in line with my lifestyle than intraday trading.
Currently I'm only looking at forex, but my broker has access to equities, crypto and indices, and I'd like to trade forex, indices and hopefully equities one day.
Hope to learn more and develop a successful system that works for me, as well as contribute to the community as much as I can.

All the best.


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Hello people, I'm new to this forum. Not new to trading though,its been a while now,but i want to interact with fellow traders too. So here I am hoping to learn more from you all.


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Hello, fellow traders!!

Well, I'm obviously new to trade2win and I'm looking forward to getting my feet wet again trading. It's been over 15 years since I last 'played', but now I'm retired and looking to make good use of my free time. I retired at the young age of 46 (you'll have to guess how long ago that was) and I'm looking to supplement my income and start learning how to day trade. I already have a portfolio going on my trading platform, but I have limited funds and I need to trade to build up to day-trader status, so to speak. I'm excited to learn new stuff, while riding the ups and downs of stock market trading. Thanks a lot!!!:cool:


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Hello all,
I'm new here and completely new to trading. I have a interest in personal finance and investing, and as I am currently furloughed from work I have a some more free time to teach myself a new skill. So I thought I have a dabble with trading to see how I get on. Been browsing the forum and seems theres a lot of information here for beginners, glad I found this place.


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Hello from Ohio! I have been trading for awhile, but need to learn a lot more to be successful! My goal is to retire from my current "cubicle" and trade full time. I am excited to join this group of knowledgeable people and excited to learn from you all!


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