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Hi Guys! I'm new to trade2win, but I wanted to spread awareness about my Youtube channel where I post free educational content about technical analysis and anything trading really. I'm a full time trader and have been for a few years now, specialising in Bitcoin and Forex. If you are interested in learning I would really appreciate checking out the channel! It's only small, and I've only just started posting in the last couple of months. So any constructive criticism to help me improve my content and growing my channel would be very grateful. Videos come out every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Thank you for taking the time to read, the link to the channel is below:



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Hello Everyone,

I started day trading a year ago. Like every newbie lost a lot not trying to build all the necessary knowledge to become financially free.

Looking for day trading group to learn and more important have trader friends to share experiences that might be of help.
here is good , hello! will be interested to know who you trade with if i may ask and how long were you on demo before live?


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While browsing the internet on "ways to trade in stocks" I ran into this site and without any hesitation, I had to sign up since I am just a relative novice who started trying my hands in stocks 6 months ago and lost almost everything I invested.


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Hello everyone,

This is just a quick 'Hi' whilst I set out to explore the site forums and learn my way around.

Looking forward to joining a few of the discussions.



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This is a thread in the New to Trade2Win forum which provides everyone with an opportunity - both old members and new - to introduce themselves to the community.

If you're a new member, or maybe just a lurker who hasn't yet taken the plunge, then this is as good a place as any to start. Tell us a bit about yourself, perhaps your trading history and interests, and what you hope to gain from the site.

:!: If you have any simple questions related to trading, then please refrain from asking them in this thread and instead use the New to Trading forum, which is targeted specifically at newbies taking their first steps.
I have been trading forex for 15 years. I do offer daily forex analysis on my youtube channel. Check this out:


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Hello Everyone,

I'm a software developer who starts the trading path in 2017 as a robot developer, I've develop some experts advisors and indicators for MetaTrader 4 based on a friend's ideas, but unfortunately no one told me the correct way to trade, I mean manual trades, so I'm here to talk with you guys and to learn more and more, because I know there are some courses out there that can help, but theres nothing better then the people who really trade and live for that.

I hope to find someone that want to be tutor to help someone getting the right path in the world of traders.

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