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Hi DT5,

The most import tip is to always manage risk, especially when dealing with leverage on instruments like FX and pay attention to margin as it's become more restrictive - and watch overnight positions because SWAPS can eat away at your account. And for these reasons I prefer short duration trades when dealing FX.

The easiest way to make money is in stocks especially buy and hold. Most of the time I keep running positions for 2-4 months, (unless there's a bull run) and then look for other stocks that show promise. A method that I have found profitable and trouble free is splitting equity between many stocks in equal dollar amounts. Example: The total account size is $10K ... so I'd split that amount among 20 stocks allocating $500 per stock. Best is to buy stocks which are trending upwards and carry dividends. And you can leave the account run and add more money to the account (if you've got a day job).

Hope that helps. Feel free to ask questions.
Thanks for that very informative answer. I don't really do stocks but am always open to new ideas. Sounds it could be less frantic than Forex....


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Thanks for that very informative answer. I don't really do stocks but am always open to new ideas. Sounds it could be less frantic than Forex....
Welcome. It takes years of practice to become profitable dealing in FX - and I refer to the majority of traders, not the one offs. I've watched 1,000s upon 1,000s of traders lose their entire account only to open new accounts and do more of the same. Trading stocks will make you more disciplined and teach you how not to over leverage your account. If you've got a day job then I would strongly recommend you go with the example I listed in the previous reply. You know off hand the risk: when the stock goes to zero you've lost that trade, but your entire equity risk is stretched over 20 stocks and if you pick trending stocks I guarantee you'll be profitable by the end of the year. Another word of advice - nothing beats a bull run to make money, so long as you're a buyer.


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I was with T2W 2007 made a few posts then but have moved a couple of times , lost login s emails etc. I am now back on board, hopefully I can glean some trading ideas or perhaps make some useful comments / suggestions along the line!


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Hello real people.
I am the funder of, an AI stock trading service. I will post some stuff about forecasts. Returns are welcome.


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Hi everyone, following the forum advices I introduce myself. I studied and worked as computer technician for almost 15 years in several companies in the marketing and advertising sector. Currently I am independent financial trader (swing trader mainly) and investor (medium and long terms) and manager of my website. Happy to be here!


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Hello everyone. My name is Oleg. I'm 23.
I am a new one in trading area. Just have started to read the book Brett Steenbarger Psychology, technique, tactics and strategy.
I'd like to start my exp. in trading and ready to studyt & devote a lot of my time to gain appr. skills.
I expect to learn how to make additional profit despite of my main job - purchasing area.
It would be nice to find out some mentoring here.
In addition, I'm open for any help to become success in my way.
Regards Oleg

Kyle M

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Hi I’m Kyle I am new to this website and trading. Nice to meet you all and hopefully learn all the knowledge your willing to teach/help me with.
I’m a bricklayer by trade and wanted to start to learn trading to try and spend more time with my kids.
thank you all for you time.


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Hello everyone, I am Martin.
I am currently working at a trading fund in Vietnam. I have 7 years of experience in the foreign exchange financial market. I have experience in developing persistent trading systems, designing robots, indicators on demand, currently I have a top trading signal on signalstart to support investors to make long-term profits from market.
Nice to meet you and support you.


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Hello everyone and thank you for allowing my to join your forum - My name is Martin.

I am new to trading and would be grateful of any help and or guidance from you guys. I currently work in management and have a steady job, which means im at work during peak trading hours. With this in mind i am struggling to know what to trade in and how this can fit to my current work patterns. There seems to be so much out there to trade and so many instruments.

Where im at right now: im going through online tutorials from Warrior trading as he seems to really know his stuff and seems believable compared to others out there. Ive bought a couple of books and downloaded the trading to wins FAQ's on here.

Im currently trying to build my own strategy based on what ive learnt but its easier said than done and im toying with some paper money on the Plus500 platform. To be honest with you guys, i had some success and ive made as many losses, this tells me i dont really know what im doing yet to any degree of confidence.

Currently im trading with CFD's on Plus500 but i dont know if this is a good starting point or not, any suggestions?

Basically its a minefield out there and i feel im walking blindfolded and could do with some help.

Thanks again.


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Hi everyone. I joined the forum a while back looking to get into trading but circumstances meant having to put this one the back burners and concentrate on family.
Now things are steady and I’m looking to educate myself and begin trading I’m willing to take on a reasonable amount of risk, I’ve always been fascinated in the stock markets
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Hello Everyone,

I started day trading a year ago. Like every newbie lost a lot not trying to build all the necessary knowledge to become financially free.

Looking for day trading group to learn and more important have trader friends to share experiences that might be of help.
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