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Aarav Rana is our resident geek with a Degree in Computer Science, he LOVES to write about the Entertainment, world and New Technology Development around the Globe. It’s always interesting to watch what he posts. Aarav keeps thing very, very interesting indeed. He also writes for another website on the Internet.


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I have been dabbling for a year or so, withe some modest success. I dropped in here after seeing it mentioned by one of the more sane poster on stocktwits, and learn as much as i can.


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Hi guys,

Trying to learn more about stock trading, so I joined trade2win today. Iḿ 17, and after working a bunch this summer and last summer, I decided to get my porfolio started.

So far I have shares in:
-TTD (8)
-MA (4)
-MSFT (5)
-SPY (1)

What do you guys think about my portfolio? Theye all been doing good since I bough them.


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Hi Guys,

Trading crypto for about two and a half years now. On top of that I also work for a forex broker. So I guess you could say I know a bit about both sides. Hopefully I can share some insight with like-minded people on here.



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Quick hello!

Computer Science graduate from Oxford, now doing algo trading full time, self employed.

Just looking to learn some more, talk with you guys and improve my game even more.


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Hi my name is Alireza from Iran 32 y.o . After 6 years as an employee I decide to change my way an what's better than trading. I hope you help me to improve my ability on this way


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I'm Alessio I came from a northern Alps town in Italy.
I started trading in 2012 but I've been envolved in my job (OH&S Risk management), I started again trading 1 year ago.
Finally now I think I reached my edge. I trade US30 cfd and EURUSD and EURGBP. I gained a lot of experience by observing the markets every day and I have a +100 trading books library. Thank you and sorry for my poor english, I hope to emprove it here!


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Hi all,
66yr old in USA, retiring from the IT industry in Dec, I plan on taking up trading as a hobbie/income fun money thing.

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