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Hello all

I am Madalyn but everyone calls me “Maddie”

I have been forex trading for a little while with IML but wasn’t really getting anywhere and spending a lot of money so I have left and joined a few forums instead to try and get a better understanding.

All help and advice welcome!


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Any advice would be appreciated :)
From the FCA website about iML:

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Hi Guys , im shlomo and im a big fan of Biotech stocks iim investing in stocks for around 20 years now .. Im new here for the discussion forum


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Hello everybody! My name is Ivan, a community manager with Exscudo.
I am relatively new to stock trading. I have spent the last couple of months most of my time to learning the markets and building my investment strategy. Looking forward to becoming a part of this community and learning from the best!


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Hi there!

I am a senior at UMD, undergrad. I am currently interning in Equity Research, but am more interested in learning about prop trading. Hoping I can receive some good insight and resources to learn more! Thanks.


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what are these?
About the project
We develop and support software products for traders using MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 trading terminals:
  • Open Interest indicator
  • Tape indicator
  • Indicator "Glass"
  • Delta and Volume indicator
  • Currency Converter
Today all our products are free and available to everyone.


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Hey guys !
I am a trader and developer from Austria ! Previous experience in investment banking and asset management. Did a stint on a trading floor for FX derivatives a couple years back. Now building a dark pool-esque trading platform that will democratise the way we invest :) Here to lurk around, maybe collaborate with others, and form ideas for trading in infinite liquidity markets.