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Hi all,

I’m Mark, I’m a 29 year old amateur trader.
As of the start of this year, I have focused purely on GBP/USD on daily candles.

Last year I jumped into the financial markets a bit quick and lost some money, I have taken the time to go back to demo accounts to study and observe, so far so good.

I’m going to continue on demo accounts for the rest of the year, evaluate my results, if they are as good as they have been then will commit capital in 2020.

Ive read that there are some great switched on people in trading forums and they are a good place to be for aspiring traders.

So...... Hi [emoji3][emoji1690]

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Hey Hey,

just registered. Hoping T2W will help with basic knowledge etc, at least. A small businessman in need for a little more cash flow to get that house.

I'm looking for the best way to obtain the latest news on major index's. I'd like to spread bet, I have very basic info atm. I'm trying to work out where I would find what would be generally happening in our daily markets. Only looking to day trade for now, options/exotics/index, looking for volatility really. I use IG index .

Any recommendations ?


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Hi Everyone,

I just want to quickly introduce myself. I am relatively new to trading. I stumble upon T2W while googling a sample template of a Trading Plan and founded Tim WIlcox (timsk) template today. I currently live in New York City and in the process of returning to school for a career change.

I am planning on using T2W for its knowledge and read through its stickies to help improve my understanding of charts, develop personal trading edges, but most important help me control my emotion while I'm in the market.




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je viens de m'inscrire, je me décris comme trader avec seulement 2 ans d'expérience, je n'ai pas de problème à trouver des occasion sur le forex même j ai deux fois tripler mon chiffre d'affaires dans un mois mais je gère mal très mal mes défaite.


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hello, i new here, iam forex trader with a little experience and still learning until now,,i join in this forum for looking a forex firm that giving opportunity to small retail trader or forex trader with background unemployed people like me for managing their capital with no cost or hiddeng fee, best regard :)


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Hello everyone, my name is John, I am a professional programmer. I have been involved in reverse engineering since 1999. I offer the services of convertation for MT4 Expert Advisors from EX4 to MQ4 format. Please visit my profile for additional information.


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Hello Everybody. I just rejoined today after a lapse of 5 years. Nothing changes in my trading history. Sorry, it changed -- first I started losing less in a day or month, and next I stopped trading for almost an year. So one way, I am much confident about myself these days because, I do not have to loose. Anyway I am back again and I hope
I may succeed this time with you guys around

Kyle Lim

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Hi,guys! I'm new to here but not new to trading.I have done forex trading for about two years and got modest success. Hope I can get more here.


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Hello all

I am Madalyn but everyone calls me “Maddie”

I have been forex trading for a little while with IML but wasn’t really getting anywhere and spending a lot of money so I have left and joined a few forums instead to try and get a better understanding.

All help and advice welcome!


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Any advice would be appreciated :)
From the FCA website about iML:

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