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Feb 8, 2019
hi, not too long no, still learning and back on demo after failing once!
how about you?
I have been learning/trading nearly a year and a half now.

like you had a lot of ups and downs to start, especially with distractions about new strategies and everything else people rave about, but once i got myself focused progress has been much better! Although i guess that was all part of the learning curve to find out what worked and suited me best.

Demo is dangerous for me though lol I preferred a very small account so the emotions of real money were still there!
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Feb 5, 2019
Hello all, I have been buying a Few pot/hemp penny stocks for about 5 years ago. Not much going on with them yet. But with Full legalization for Hemp in USA, and full legalization for both medical and recreational now in sight, I can see a huge potential in this market! I see many ads for the get rich secret pot stocks to buy, but they always want money before they will tell you, I don’t believe them! Anyway, would appreciate any recommendations/comments and or any feedback regarding this sector.


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Feb 6, 2019
Hi guys,

It's Paras here I'm new to this community, and I'm already starting to like it.
Just introducing my self - I work in a company named Definedge we organise Market Analysis conferences to gather Fund Managers, Stock Brokers, Investment Bankers to share their ideologies and knowledge to help our Trading community.

From today onwards I will be a part of this enthusiastic community forum.

Thank you
Hello Paras Soni. how are you doing.