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I’m Kells and I’m BRAND spanking new to trading.
I just have my training course and access to a simulator so I’m really starting from the bottom.
Ready to learn all I can!
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Hello from Portugal!

I'm full time trader. Currencies, crude oil, gold and thematic indices are my interests. I just rarely touch on individual stocks.
Always learning and giving space to imagination.

Hello everyone,

My name is Jesús and I'm from Spain. Trading sporadically for a couple of years (ES and Forex mainly, some CFD) and currently looking for some more guidance to become consistent.

I would like to say that the site looks amazing: only read the first step FAQs and already learnt a lot, thank you all.
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Hi all,

I'm a week on this forum to have a look, but now starting to get involved.

I've been trading for ten years, although off and on... got knocked off my motorbike o_O a few years ago. Don't ride anymore, now play golf and badminton.... a lot safer :cool:, and muck around on my guitars.

For me, a community of similar minds is an important element to long term trading success, in what is inherently, a solitary game.

I'm more of a intuitive trader nowadays, living in Buckinghamshire, UK. I've also done a lot of work on my head over the years and still do regularly to ensure I'm in the right frame of mind

Cheers for now.
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