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Hello everyone,

My name is Jesús and I'm from Spain. Trading sporadically for a couple of years (ES and Forex mainly, some CFD) and currently looking for some more guidance to become consistent.

I would like to say that the site looks amazing: only read the first step FAQs and already learnt a lot, thank you all.
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Hey there,

I trade cryptos since 2 years and I am moving to stocks/FX/etc. because my algorithms need liquidity to work.


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Hi Guys
Let me introduce myself, John Den Mark. Joined Trade2win today. I live in Jaipur, India and have financial & IT background.

Bobby Dazzler

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Hi all,

I'm a week on this forum to have a look, but now starting to get involved.

I've been trading for ten years, although off and on... got knocked off my motorbike o_O a few years ago. Don't ride anymore, now play golf and badminton.... a lot safer :cool:, and muck around on my guitars.

For me, a community of similar minds is an important element to long term trading success, in what is inherently, a solitary game.

I'm more of a intuitive trader nowadays, living in Buckinghamshire, UK. I've also done a lot of work on my head over the years and still do regularly to ensure I'm in the right frame of mind

Cheers for now.
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Welcome @Bobby Dazzler, thanks for the intro. You'll find plenty of knowledge, motivation and support from this community. But like everything in life, the more you put in the more you get out. Good trading!


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Hi all,

I've been trading for around 4 years self employed and make regular gains to grow my capital. Have headed more towards trading crypto over the last few months and finding the change in pace exciting :) Joined this forum to find new ideas and meet people with similar interest. Look forward to seeing you all on the forums :)
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Hello traders!
I have been trading on and off for 10 years but new to the forum here.
My aim is to take my trading to the next level, as I work towards making this my full time profession.
I will add I am under no illusions about the work and time this will take.
Hi AKelly, good luck on your journey


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Hello everyone new member saying hello :) ful time trader of 2 years. Currently working from home trying to make that good living

I have been trading nearly 2 years myself, although part time.

Are you just trading for a living or have other work from home employment?
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