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Paras Soni

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Hi guys,

It's Paras here I'm new to this community, and I'm already starting to like it.
Just introducing my self - I work in a company named Definedge we organise Market Analysis conferences to gather Fund Managers, Stock Brokers, Investment Bankers to share their ideologies and knowledge to help our Trading community.

From today onwards I will be a part of this enthusiastic community forum.

Thank you

Jamal D

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Hello, I have been a lurker and probably will still be for most of the time. Anyway, found the forum through some old Tom Dante threads and have now started digging into dbphoenix material (which is perfect for me)

3-4 years of trading experience. Started out in a bullmarket and threw my small account into it returning 70% on it over 2 years. Thought I was a genius. Started to travel, wanted more freedom, sold all I had and started full time. Had salary for 2 years and a bigger account to trade. The learning curve is great but my equity curve maybe not so much if you want to live off of it. Returned about 8% last year. I have for some reason been able to never lose over a one year period...I sell when I don`t like it, and I keep my losses small. The backside of it is that there are many small paper-cuts that affects my self-esteem sometimes and I have been some kind of a market-hopper...dipping my feet into everything but scalping.

I am now in the state of over-complicating even the most simple principles, so the dbphenix material on this website is like some higher power lending me a helping hand. In many ways, his approach is back to how I started. I got many systematic aspects of my trading sorted, but the hardest part, style and psychology, is yet to be figured out.

My challenge is to find that deeper alignment with trading style, time frame and keep my sanity (stress) Perhaps I need to go back to work for some time this year but I am working on other strings of income also at the moment.

The only thing I am scared of is to not do what I want with my life and regret it when it is too late. Some people say what I do is risky. For me high risk is doing something with 50% commitment.

Anyway, very interesting forum and some really great contributors on here!

See you around!


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Hey everyone, Rachel here!

i have been trading for about 16 months, and well Forex is not a hot topic of conversation with friends and family! So wanted to get involved in more discussion with like minded people to share experience and learn from others.

Looking forward to being here and developing my trading.



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hi, not too long no, still learning and back on demo after failing once!
how about you?
I have been learning/trading nearly a year and a half now.

like you had a lot of ups and downs to start, especially with distractions about new strategies and everything else people rave about, but once i got myself focused progress has been much better! Although i guess that was all part of the learning curve to find out what worked and suited me best.

Demo is dangerous for me though lol I preferred a very small account so the emotions of real money were still there!
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Hi Folks !

I'm a part time FX trader I use 1 EA , trade 2 pairs manually and do Mattched betting Value betting also

Looking to gain and hopefully share some knowledge

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Hello all, I have been buying a Few pot/hemp penny stocks for about 5 years ago. Not much going on with them yet. But with Full legalization for Hemp in USA, and full legalization for both medical and recreational now in sight, I can see a huge potential in this market! I see many ads for the get rich secret pot stocks to buy, but they always want money before they will tell you, I don’t believe them! Anyway, would appreciate any recommendations/comments and or any feedback regarding this sector.