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Hello everyone!

my name is Mario, I have been trading commos while at uni, now I am working in managerial consulting and I am planning to dedicate some spare time on market analysis and trading.

GL all, M


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Hello traders,

I have been learning about trading over the past year and just recently took the plunge trading full time. I live in San Francisco and I am looking for community/meetup group out here. If anyone can point me in the right direction I would appreciate it.

kayal m

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Hi frds,
I am Kayal, I am working in IT company. Just I completed [Link Removed] that helps for my professional oriented.
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Hi I am Sam, I used to do cryptocurrency trading. But i want to learn about regular/forex trading
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Hello everyone,
first and foremost, we didn’t come from nowhere, we are traders. This profile was created as a result of a need to centralize the knowledge for an active trader and for those who want to become a trader as well. After many years of proprietary and individual trading we recognize that there is a big demand for practical information that is applicable to the market; rather for than theory or diversion.


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Hello Traders!

I am a London based trader, with over seven years of hands-on experience in forex.
I would like to introduce you to the Forex Stream Hedge strategy, which I developed and have been actively trading since 2016.
Encouraged by consistently profitable results, I started an independent copy service in September 2017, which is still going strong.
One year later, in response to ever growing demand, I also started selling the strategy as an alternative to copying for anyone who wants to trade themselves, along with me.

If you are interested to find out more, please visit the strategy website:
You can also follow the performance of my showcase account on Myfxbook[Link removed]

Happy trading!
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Hey this is Theresa, from MOONx.
We are building an exchange platform with decentralized ownership ecosystem. MoonX is a Switzerland regulated exchange, granting institutional and retail traders access to global Digital Assets and ForeX (coming soon) market with a luxury of lowest latency
Our Matching Engine combined with Implication Engine in the series of rigorous stress test showed the following results:
  1. Orders executed in <30 Microseconds.
  2. Upto 20Million orders Executed per second
  3. Spreads starting from 0 pips.
Let me know if this excites you. If there are any suggestions or requirements that you hope to see on our platform.

Paras Soni

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Hi guys,

It's Paras here I'm new to this community, and I'm already starting to like it.
Just introducing my self - I work in a company named Definedge we organise Market Analysis conferences to gather Fund Managers, Stock Brokers, Investment Bankers to share their ideologies and knowledge to help our Trading community.

From today onwards I will be a part of this enthusiastic community forum.

Thank you

Jamal D

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Hello, I have been a lurker and probably will still be for most of the time. Anyway, found the forum through some old Tom Dante threads and have now started digging into dbphoenix material (which is perfect for me)

3-4 years of trading experience. Started out in a bullmarket and threw my small account into it returning 70% on it over 2 years. Thought I was a genius. Started to travel, wanted more freedom, sold all I had and started full time. Had salary for 2 years and a bigger account to trade. The learning curve is great but my equity curve maybe not so much if you want to live off of it. Returned about 8% last year. I have for some reason been able to never lose over a one year period...I sell when I don`t like it, and I keep my losses small. The backside of it is that there are many small paper-cuts that affects my self-esteem sometimes and I have been some kind of a market-hopper...dipping my feet into everything but scalping.

I am now in the state of over-complicating even the most simple principles, so the dbphenix material on this website is like some higher power lending me a helping hand. In many ways, his approach is back to how I started. I got many systematic aspects of my trading sorted, but the hardest part, style and psychology, is yet to be figured out.

My challenge is to find that deeper alignment with trading style, time frame and keep my sanity (stress) Perhaps I need to go back to work for some time this year but I am working on other strings of income also at the moment.

The only thing I am scared of is to not do what I want with my life and regret it when it is too late. Some people say what I do is risky. For me high risk is doing something with 50% commitment.

Anyway, very interesting forum and some really great contributors on here!

See you around!


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Hey everyone, Rachel here!

i have been trading for about 16 months, and well Forex is not a hot topic of conversation with friends and family! So wanted to get involved in more discussion with like minded people to share experience and learn from others.

Looking forward to being here and developing my trading.


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