Intraday advice


Quick question,

I was just wondering if anyone could advise as to which techical indicators are particularly worth watching when your day trading a share.

At the moment im looking at stochastics, bollinger bands on a one minute chart. Is it also a good idea to watch a 5 min chart at the same time as well? Of course you can only take in so much information at any one time, and I dont want to be bogged down in very techincal indicators, when im also looking at lvl 2, trades, chart, volume etc.

Or is there really no difference from a TA point of view whether the time frame is minutes, hours, days or months.

Any observations from the day traders among us would be greatly appreciated.
Iraj advised me, a couple of months ago, of a pattern using 5min candlesticks + volume which the professionals use. It was a 2 stick pattern, and the reverse to sell.
I've lost all my emails so I suggest you mail him and ask.