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Is there such a software package free or subscription that allows the FTSE100 to be run on tick chart including, Bollinger, RSI and EMA.

I am currently using the free charting software on which is good but only runs 1 min intervals and you have to keep refreshing it.

any help would be greatly appreciated.
QuoteTracker supports tick charts and a number of sources that support streaming FTSE data. Not sure, but I think ADVFN can be used as a source, myTrack and BorsaItalia in the index panel as well as some others

Jerry Medved
Jerry, I'm running Sierra off IB at the moment. Is there a conflict if I try Quotetracker at the same time?
the only issue would be the max # of symbols that IB lets you track at the same time. Right now its 40. That means 40 total across TWS, QT and Sierra. as long as you keep it within that limit, should be OK. Also use the default socket port (just in case you changed it)
I have put rough and ready chart together for you.

The web site you want is Stockpoint. Go there and play with the charts till you get the settings you want.
or try Yahoo.

Then go to my thread 'Create your own Charts'. Its in the Data Feed forum.
It will tell you how to auto refresh.

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Per chance I received this email this morning. If you're into tick charts then you might be interested...

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Do I have to configure trading to get charts in Quotetracker from IB?

I'm trying to set up a chart in Quotetracker using IB's feed. I've looked in help, but I admit I'm trying to do about half a dozen other things at the same time, and haven't sussed it yet. There's a reference to setting it up to trade.
Thanks to all replies, cheers Bonsai I now have my FTSE and DOW charts updating automatically, saves having to sit there and click refresh.

I doubt my bass would be too happy about that.

The first thing you need to do is ensure that the correct site is selected which is pointed to (I use but this is just changed to IB) Then for equities you just put in the symbol, ie MSFT or for ES you need to type in GLOBEX:mad:ESZ3

You should now have your chart.




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