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Couldn't help noticing - 53 people on the site at 4.16am THIS MORNING.
Glitch or fact???? :eek:
That is pretty strange!!! And it's broken the previous record, which occured when we got mentioned on Bloomberg a year or so ago.

Well I can tell you that we didn't get any significant number of new members at that time, so it makes me wonder whether we were in fact being spidered by the search engines. But when that happens you normally only get maybe 5 or 6 bots running round the website, which doesn't explain that number. Just wish I was at the pc at the time, as I could have probably figured out where they were all coming from. Nevertheless I might dip into the log files and see what I can uncover.
Well i've cracked it, looking at the log files we had the inktomi search engine spidering the bulletin board (they power hotbot amongst others) - and all 3611 threads by the looks of it. Though doing a search on hotbot doesn't flag up any of the threads, maybe there's a delay before they appear.

For those interested the bot is called Slurp, and you can find out more here: - it must have spawned a number of bots to account for the high number recorded. So at the moment in the bots vs humans on the site, bots have taking the lead... scary!!!
Hi Orchard,

It's short for robot. And I think the point Options was making was if we're following a mechanical system then what are we if not robots! Not to mention the automated trading systems that do precisely that unaided.
Interesting point about trading bots and auto systems that may give food for thought for you Sharky.

Last year, or was it the year before that? The makers of the 'Big Blue' chess computer that took on and beat the grand master of the time, (You know; that russian geezer. Can't spell his name without looking it up.)
Well, they made a trading computer and pitted it against a few of the top share traders in the States to see who would win over the course of a trading day.

I only saw a small article in a magazine and couldn't find out anymore about it; so I have no idea if the traders were L2,
TA guys or a mix of both.

I just thought that it was very interesting to have the computer buy and sell for you. Could free you up to do other things like navigating the Amazon on a lilo, or sitting down to lunch with cannibals. Quick trip up Evererst even. You know; something less scary then trading.

But. Thinking about it. Even if I had a computer that could trade ten times better than I could and earn ten times more than the amount that I earn now. I think. (No; I know.) That I would give it pride of place in... the cupboard under the stairs.

I just love doing what I do, and no computer is going to have all the fun. Besides it can't 'judge' the 'feel' of the market. It might change its' mind half a dozen times before direction 'settles' whereas, I may change my mind a lot less than that and save on commision.

It will happen though I suppose. It will be computer, trading against computer (it is now to a certain point.)

And that will take all the fun and skill out of the game. (sigh)

Oh, who won the competition?

The computer did.

All the best.

Hi All.

Only on T2W could a thread go from a concern about insomniacs to a discussion on computers. :D
It will happen though I suppose. It will be computer, trading against computer (it is now to a certain point.)
Whether we like it or not computers are taking over. Just look at the car industry, machines and computers build everything creating a redundant workforce of highly skilled people. How can we say that trading won't be the same?

One of the hardest things with trading is the mental aspects and conquering that element. So if you can get a computer to do everything and take away that emotion that drains our trading accounts slowly but surely, then surely we (or should I say the computer) will be more profitable.

The one thing that we have on our sides is that a human can change strategy when the markets demand it. Also, if the computers are all trading the same way, it wouldn't be too hard to take a bit of their money on the ride up.

Another point is where is all this money coming from that will pay the computer for it's good trading? It might come down to a set of programmers against another - which leads to asking if the programmers will demand huge wages to create the latest technology, with the net result being that the only people who win will be the programmers.

Since trading full-time in May last year, I've realised that I have to have a high level of computer and internet knowledge just to get all the software etc. to work to enable me to trade, and that my job title should include IT engineer - and with this new job title I will be demanding higher wages (just in case my boss reads this 5% extra a day would be acceptable ;) )

All these questions are too much for such a simple mind. :confused:

These are just my thoughts and their worth exactly what you paid for them.
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