Article Improving Your Trading Performance: The Single Most Important Step You Can Take

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A chess player analyzing the board for the next move; fighter pilots maneuvering their planes to get a lock on enemy aircraft; a baseball player tracking the release of the ball from the pitcher?s arm; ballet dancers executing their leaps; an oncologist diagnosing a rare form of cancer; a bodybuilder sculpting a small muscle group to achieve symmetry: all of these are examples of performance activities.  They are also examples of fields that have been widely researched in the past two decades, uncovering important clues as to the factors that create successful performance. 
This research raises fascinating questions:  What makes expert performers different from less successful ones?  Is expert performance a function of inherited personality traits and skills, or can it be cultivated in the proper environments?  Which techniques has research found to dramatically improve performance?  Will the performance-enhancing techniques that benefit chess grandmasters and Olympic athletes...

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VG Article, I already receive video each day from ttm and find it extremely helpful as to technique, entry and exit etc. Plus can go back and review same. They are not always right
'the holy grail" but an excellent learning tool. Some can already be followed on DVD and make for a far easier learning curve


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Really good article. Thanks T2W for putting it the Knowledge lab. Very interesting.


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In my view Camtasia is very good and I have used it quite a lot. You also get a 30 day free trial which should determine if it is suitable for the task at hand.



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I want to thank everyone, on and off forum, for the kind comments regarding my article. One reader mentioned to me the NeoTicker program ( as being one with excellent simulation capability. I will be checking it out in the next week or two and reporting on my experience on my website. In the interim, I'd be curious to hear from any T2W members that have used NeoTicker's simulation. BTW, I first learned about Camtasia from a T2W member--a great example of the value of this forum. Thanks much--Brett


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Hello, Brett. Quite a thought provoking artical, it certainly got me thinking. In theory there could be two definate approaches to the market, the 'analytical trader' and the 'money trader', maybe the expert has an excellent understanding of the psychology that drives both of these approaches. Until i read your artical i used to think it was a good idea to be involved within the markets financially to gain a better understanding, this is probably wrong, in fact i no longer belive this to be true. Most people think of paper trading as inadequate, because you can only get a true feel for the markets when you are financially tied into them. Maybe a true expert price analyst only ever does that. Being interested in the price movements of markets does not nessecarilly mean you have to be tied into them. Trading proficiency may boil down to how interested the individual really is in price action.


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In fact, i will go as far to say that to analyse price you don't have to do any kind of trading, paper or real.


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Definately suits those that can plan and then keep to their most direct route to a trading strategy. However imho It may be better for some to be wandering around and around the problem before settling where it is best for them.


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Very good article.
I do video my trades - which has given me another problem. The sheer time it takes to review my trades in real time (my average hold is only 7 minutes).
to review the day takes a lot of time but............ it pays in bucketloads.
You can see and hear ( I talk to myself as well on the video) yourself making mistakes and often stating what I should do and then not doing it.
But that;s a whole other area that I am now working on.
By the way I have Brett's previous article to thank for guiding me toward Camtesia software - I paid though Brett - I went and brought your book!
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