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Hi all,

I'm trying to buy "Wall Street Cash". However, the sistem is keeping saying "The requested order level is too far from the current level". Please see images attached. What am I doing wrong?


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Hi all,

I'm trying to buy "Wall Street Cash". However, the sistem is keeping saying "The requested order level is too far from the current level". Please see images attached. What am I doing wrong?
It's your 'Order level' at the top that's the problem, not the 'Limit Distance', you're trying to buy Wall Street Cash for 5, when it's currently at 33,633.
Since there are lots of answers here I am not going to give you any advice, I just want to tell my trading journey!
Just use free courses on the internet and do not pay money for those courses!
Spend a lot of time on your demo account and control your emotions! That's it for start
About myself
I have been trading for quite some time. use day trading strategies like VWAP to do trading.
I do not like to complicate things by reading at news(sound pretty ironic compared to what other trader do).
But simple things can sometimes be profitable
What's up family?
My name is Sal, I go by ArqamCapital on Twitter. (Old account got deleted some time back - and recently came back)
I've been trading since summer of 2019.
Took me 3 years to become a consistent/profitable trader. I quit my full time job back in November of 2022.

MY NUMBER ONE ADVICE TO BECOMING A PROFITABLE TRADER: CONTINOUS LEARNING IS KEY! DON'T STOP LEARNING. Invest in your trading education, stay updated with market trends, and develop a solid trading plan.
It took me forever to become disciplined, but I now have ZERO problems locking down my gains and moving onto the next trade. THE MARKET AIN'T GOING ANYWHERE, OPPURTUNITIES COME BY THE DOZEN!

I actually shared a thread recently on Twitter highlighting the importance of disciplined and how it's done wonders for my trading career:

Anyhow, if y'all have any questions, PLEASE FEEL FREE TO MESSAGE ME. As someone who loves to post on forums, I'm glad I found this community and hope to make a lot of friends here in the long run.

HELP PLS! It's clear that the majority of platforms which claim to generate income through artificial intelligence are fraudulent, for instance, traderinvest (which probably falls into the same category). From a beginner's perspective in this area: is it theoretically possible to find any reliable platforms that aid in earning money with the help of artificial intelligence?
Hi Neal,
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parece uma boa ideia
Hello fellow traders of the Trade2Win Forum,

Allow me to introduce myself – I am Aca_Analysis, a dedicated trader with over 5 years of experience in the trading world. It's an honour to be part of this vibrant community of like-minded individuals who share a passion for the exciting world of trading.

For the past five years, trading has been more than a profession for me; it's a way of life. As a full-time trader, I've been fortunate to navigate the ups and downs of the market, gaining valuable insights and honing my skills along the way. Now, I'm at a point where I'm eager to share my knowledge, strategies, and experiences to help others embark on their own successful trading journeys.

My mission is simple: I aspire to help fellow traders achieve financial independence through skilful trading. My aim is to assist you in not just making profits, but in developing a consistent and sustainable trading approach that can potentially replace traditional sources of income. Let's work together to turn the art of trading into a science – one that's grounded in strategy, discipline, and a deep understanding of the markets.

Beyond sharing insights and strategies, I'm here to foster connections within this community. I believe that networking with fellow traders can lead to incredible opportunities for learning, growth, and collaboration. Together, we can create an environment where traders of all levels can thrive and contribute to each other's success.

I'm excited to embark on this journey with all of you. If you're eager to explore the world of trading, enhance your skills, and potentially earn a steady income through trading, I'm here to guide and support you every step of the way. Let's turn our trading aspirations into achievements, one trade at a time.

Looking forward to exchanging knowledge, sharing experiences, and connecting with each one of you.

Best regards,


I've been trading for a few weeks on Trading 212. It has some merits but I need a less clunky platform. The spreads are mostly reasonable I think, but they split their platforms into 2, which is a pain, They're full of bugs, and there's no volume information, and so on.

I follow Day Trade The World, but can't keep up with them.

Some success some failures, I'm still trying to get the emotion out of what I do.
I'm mostly using price action, but get suckered in on small moves. I tend to panic if a couple of candles go the wrong direction, and lose out where I would have been OK if I'd stayed in.

I'll be looking for good educational videos, a better broker, a better charting software, things like that. Maybe MT4 or MT5, or TradingView. I definitely want to be able to use a wider range of orders, and a few Options.

I looked into eToro which has terrible spreads, AVAtrade which doesn' t have enough Stocks. I'm wondering about Pepperstone but again, too few stocks.

I hope to find support from fellow masochists!
Look in the 'tools' dropdown box at the top of your screen, and you'll find a broker comparison tool in there, covering CFDs, spreadbetting and share trading. They are all regulated entities, so is a good start to filter / screen as per your requirements.
Look in the 'tools' dropdown box at the top of your screen, and you'll find a broker comparison tool in there, covering CFDs, spreadbetting and share trading. They are all regulated entities, so is a good start to filter / screen as per your requirements.
Yes I have looked though some of those, but my experience is, so far, that you only really find out when you use the platform.

Fo instance, with Tradng 212, they have an INV platform, where you get narrow spreads though they don't show them. You pay the 0.5% tax on UK shares, but not on CFDs. There's no swap fee on those, so it's OK to hold a share for investment.
EToro avoids the 0.5% but their spread is wider.
You get a reasonable choice of buy/sell order choices, but there's no trailing stop-loss, which would be so useful. You can't "Short" in that platform.
They have as good a coverage of UK stocks as as I've seen, including the leveraged ETPs. (WIsdomtree 3x Oil, QQQ%, etc)

You can have as many Alerts as you want, unlike Tradingview.

Their other, totally separate platform they call CFD.
You can't have both open together, it takes 10 seconds or so to switch between them. The screens are subtly but expensively (if you slip) different, and you have different watchlists, etc. They have multiple watchlists, which should be great, but they're badly implemented. Perhaps by the same spotty yoof who designed the layout.
The CFD setup is eg, 2x or 5x for stocks, pretty conventional, though not a huge choice of orders. You have stop loss, and trailing stop choices, but no stop and limit order (which there is in their INV platform). You can't "take some out" of an open position. Their Bot says you can, but it's wrong. There's a different range of UK and world stocks frm the INV platform, still pretty good. Smaller US caps aren't there.

A big improvement for US stock is thatyoucan have lumps of other currencies (Dollars and Euros anyway) so you only pay the fx fee once, and it's low, at 0.15%. Make sure you know how that's set up.

Forex spreads are a bit wide - sometimes double say AVAtrade's. Then theycan setle down...
Their overnight swap rate is DISGUSTING, it's about 3x AvaTrade's
The presentation, I find a complete pain. It tries t be stylish at the expense (your) of being unclear.The Order box splats across the screen and the rest is greyed out so you can't see what the heck is going on. You can't move the order box.

Their History records and all that, work well, a good daily report arrives.

They have a sparsely used chat forum. Their Chat bot is better than eToro's or Avatrades but quite often it's plain wrong.
Like many, they have few instructions, so you try it and see on the demo platforms.
FIne but some things you only discover when you hit an invisible button and find your self in a position like 10000 short Tesla you didn't want. That has cost me hundreds of £. They have a BOT which is sometimes wrong. That cost me £150 in avoidable fees and they didn't reimburse. They support a particular guy in the chat forum who defends the playtform to the point of abuse. Not great.

Their chat-help people are there 24/7 but give the impression they haven'y used the platform so you go round a dance of being asked to elaborate, then send screen shots, then they ask someone else, who may also be wrong. Unprofessional, sums it up.

You don't get any volume infrormation other than ticker bars which rarely alter.
You don't get a static, say anchored VWAP, as an example., just simple indicators, timescales and so on.

They say they're changing the CFD platform to Tradingview (which they use on the phone app) but I imagne they may have to keep the one they have for the INV platform.
The platforms are full of bugs, like you have to keep refreshing prices toi getthe latest - it drives me nuts, and you get blank screens, ditto. They know, they don't seem to care, or they'd have done something about it.

You can't set an order amount and have it stay. It goes back to a default level, which in my case uses half the available margin per order. Stupid!.

I guess it's GOOD for investing in UK stocks, but rather sub-optimal for anything else. I don't have dividend stocks on purpose, so I can't comment on how it handles those. Properly I think, though there are some moans.

They have an API, but so far you can't do anything useful with it.

I'll keep reading.I probably need MT4, or MT5 for stocks
Your post is interesting and insightful. I agree; you can't see the nitty gritty until you've been on the platform in most cases.

I think the broker comparison tool is useful for people starting out so that 1) they only use legitimate businesses, 2) can hopefully at least start to narrow down the types of providers which fit their requirements / trading style etc. etc.

It's tough to find the right broker, and none of them are perfect in every way, so I think you just need to keep researching, even after you're fully operational.
Hello, I've been here before, but so long ago I've forgotten my login. Doh.

Dabbled on the fringed with Forex for many years. Interested to reconnect with other traders and get back into it.