I'm new into trading


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Hello everyone, how does it work out here? Any tips and advice?
thanks to any one who has time to reply me!

Rule 1: don't lose money

Rule 2: follow the directions given by poster #2 named Kwasik. Upon arrival observe that my name, Fibo, is alll over the site as the prime weaponry selected.

Therefore the site automatically get my profound recommendation although I have not yet spent more than 3 minutes there thus far, but ..............

You see, its called babypips, I love that name, I love the concept, what's more I remember some cat from Beverly Hills asking in a hospital if there were any great men born there and the doctor from a 3rd world country (Fibo loves the 3rd world's brothers and sisters) replies, "No Sir no great men were born here, only little children"

Daniel Jones

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Start with gaining the basic knowledge first, various online material is available for that. Once done with that, trade on a demo account first. Do not rush here. Start trading live only when you are confident enough about everything.


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As already said, immerse yourself in education to start, this forum has lots of knowledgeable traders so as you go along if you have questions about what your learning, post it up and people will share their knowledge and experiences, which is a powerful learning tool.


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if you don't know anything about trading, then better start with learning first like join babypips there you can learn via school of pipsology, youtube is another good way of learning. if you have done all this already then start with a demo account. and after spending a month or two, start with a micro account.

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