I'm a Trader Get me out of this contract!

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boy said:
Go back to work dressed in womens clothing and slap on plenty of makeup, keep winking at the boss - you'll be home by lunchtime! :rolleyes:

Or you might even get promoted!........Works every time (so I'm reliably told)


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If they do sack you, you can make even more bunce when you sue for discrimination. It's very trendy in the City these days so I read. Mate - YOU CAN'T LOSE!

Are you going to name and shame then?

Good luck!

(still reckon you should invite the lads round though!)


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Life is hard and time of death uncertain.
don't hang around.
Never trust a man with the initials JR


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I wish they'd sack me, but they won't. It's the only job I can think of where it's turned out bad for me to be good. If you're shit, there's a get out clause!! sic

Name and shame I will, very soon!!!

However, I particularly like JDax's bad back idea.

PS: Contract applies to EU and USA - anyone know of any props in Switzerland/ Singapore / Dubai, etc...?


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Go and get some legal advice on what you may be able to do to get out of your current situation. Make sure you see someone who is an expert in Employment Law and make sure you have a copy of the contract you are being held to.



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Sahil - this firm probably starts with an M or a S? I know two who have left M and they have had no problems.


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you're an employee. You have a contract of employment. In this contract of employment, in exchange for their paying you, you have to give them notice of your intention to quit. Which you are now trying to renege on? Either resign, and see how long they keep you for, and honour your contract. As they used to say on Stock Exchange " Dictum, mayum pactum" Brutal, but then so is the real world....


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I am more than willing to give reasonable notice - no intention of just running, but according to contract I can't leave until end of contract!

The contract is highly unfair and relevant compensation is well below market average. If I do leave any earlier, I am liable to substantial and unaffordable penalities based on my profitability. I'm just stuck with no realistic options.


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Penalty clauses are generally unenforceable as are excessive restraints of trade.

Get thyself a decent lawyer and be gone with them.



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'Never trust a man with the initials JR'

IS this a joke, or a reference to a US guru/coach??
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