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Hi everyone

I haven't started trading yet but am contemplating doing a (very expensive) course with Traders International Futures Australia on trading emini futures contracts.

Has anyone any experience of this outfit, or indeed on trading emini contracts. Would appreciate any guidance. The sales blurb makes it all sound pretty low risk/high return, but I always thought futures trading was supposed to be quite risky.



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It looks very scammy to me - I'd stay well away. Here are some of the warning signs:

"2 points = 10% ROI in minutes" - that would involve taking an obscene amount of risk

"Would you buy a business if you had a genuine chance at returning a daily 5% to 10% return on investment? Work just 2 hours per day and have professionals advise you on when to buy and sell." - Ridiculous claims, and why would professionals want to advise you when they could be trading their own money for far more profit?

No real explanation of what they teach you - what are you actually getting for the money?

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