II_MAC trade system


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A while ago a group of us got together and discussed a stupid simple trade system based on 2 other ideas we'd banged around a bit, neither of which were part of our base trade method of "draw a line and trade away from it."

I guess gamers would call it 'theorycrafting.'

So i went away and whacked up an indi to draw the trades, and another one where I could play with the exit strategies.

Its currently in this rather poor state since I got to the current limit of my coding abilities.




These charts are backtests lasting 2000 trading days (~8 actual years).
The top bit is the actual chart
the middle bit is the raw result without any actual trade management
The bottom one is managing trades somewhat intelligently, the lines down the bottom are management parameters.
The results are raw pip gain/loss

The silver chart is pretty disappointing.

So, the question is "Is this worth persevering with or turning into an auto trader?"


80 20
The Power of trade management can really be seen on these two smaller timeframe charts.

Again these tests are over 2000 bars of data. Mainly so the whole backtest could be seen on one screen (ok, two side by side).



The type of system results in much choppier equity curves on smaller time frames. however you can see that H4 has a turnaround of 14000 pips and H1 5000, just by managing the trades in a more reasonable manner than the base trade system would.

I should also point out that the management is pretty rough and ready, round number stuff.

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