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I thought that I would try to start a thread on the Ibex, as I know a few of us trade it on this BB.

Initially I have noticed a few regular occurrences with the price movements of the Ibex. Quite frequently the Ibex will move 100 points (current figure) and then meander until the US opens or meander regardless for the rest of the day. Another outcome is that it will meander until the US opens and then make this expected move.

Other key moves (currently) are 50 points 75 points 100 points and 125 points. At the 50 and 75 point move you can expect turning points and more often than not these will be the levels at which the high or low of the day will be made. The 100 point move is at present the most common size move and can be expected most days. The 125 point move is less common but would normally continue on from the 100 point move after the US has opened.

In the example below we can expect a move from the high of 6690 down to 6590 which if it meets all of its targets then it should get there. The only consideration is, at the time of writing, that there is previous support at 6620 at an expected area. So by my own analysis I can expect a turn at this level or at the very least a pull back and a continuation to 6690 (which coincidently it the next level of previous support).

Lets see how it turns out


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Ibex Futures

Hi Skim,

I trade Ibex Futures. So far its looking like a quiet day and is starting to range from the 75 point move level, i think that that could be the low of the day so far especially since there is a lot of strength at 4110 on the FTSE, mini S&P looks to be holding current levels well. Am favoring a breakout from this range to the upside, however that could change if the Dow takes a dive below 9000 :cheesy:


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There goes the bottom any way, so much for opinions eh? :mad:

well at least its gone to the 100 point mark which could was expected 6565 next target area to watch out for dow going lower, S&P too...

The trend channel is 39 points the then bottom being 6605, a 40 point target will take it to our watch area of 6565 and a 125ish point move

Its done what i expected to do anyway... money in the bank and am off to the shops


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I think that this very well shows the reaction points that ive been explaining quite well on the ibex.

I know that I can expect reactions at a certain point move and therefore I can look for the clues as weather or not it will continue or pull back etc and of course my plan of action at these levels.

Below also demonstrates how well targets fall in line with with these expected reaction points, so if these point regularly occur then we can expect that something will happen around these levels, the what eventually unfolds


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