IB TWS - Why Didn't My Stop Trigger?


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May 13, 2003
Why Didn't My Stop Trigger?

Had a stop at 1026.25 ES on TWS.Price fell to 1026.25 then 1026.Stop didn't trigger.A trailing stop on FTSE worked fine earlier.Any thoughts?I can't go out and leave a contract open if there's any doubt.
Nov 17, 2000
What setting do you have your stop on?

Sometimes if you have it on the two trades at bid or ask, then it won't get triggered if there is just one trade which went through.

I use the two trades one generally just as a precaution, but if I go out I change it to one trade at bid or ask.

There is also a setting which ignores trades outside of regular market hours - have you inadvertently ticked that box?