TradeStation Vs. Interactive Brokers for Stocks


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I am trading US stocks and I recently moved to TradeStation and having second thoughts about that move
as their charts and market depth loading time (when changing a symbol) is very
slow as opposed to many platforms i tried that change the symbol in an instant.

I went with TradeStation and not with Interactive Brokers (which was my first aim)
because my friends who use IB say that the fills with stop limit orders are the
worst, mostly because the order gets triggered by either the mid point (which gets you in late) or the last price (which also gets you in late) or when the bid price crosses the trigger instead of most normal systems that use the ASK as the trigger
for the stop limit order.

Is there something i'm missing here? Why on earth would one of the best brokers
out there (IB) will not let you get in by the ASK price when going long on a stop
limit order like most brokers and leave you with a very bad fill?

I also read that the IB data feed is crap and filters alot of data and you need to
get an external data.

btw, Do you know if TradeStation can be used with another platform except theirs?



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I have an acct with both.
Unfortunately the datafeed from IB is not great, you will need to buy an external one. Sierra Charts combined with a data feed is usually the cheapest option.Pretty sure you can trade off the charts with IB-you'll have to check. Ninjacharts with Kinetic data feed is your next step-can trade off the charts by logging into Kinetic feed and then logging into the IB feed (no idea how this works but it does).

Have to say that being UK based-Tradestation is truly awful. Clunky and poor execution and most importantly for a trader, trying to track your trades/performance is extremely hard. I tried to close my acct and transfer my money out with some rebates and i was told I had to wait 7-10 days for management to approve $120 in rebates. Any broker that puts up obstacles to removing your money should be given a wide berth.

Once you leave the realm of MT4/charting platforms supplied by brokers then things get complicated but you can do it. Execution is lightning quick for starters:)
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