IB option traders wanting improvements in the 'strategy builder' and software?


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l have posted my suggestions months ago on the IB suggestions forum, got several votes, but IB developers are doing nothing to improve speed of inputting option orders to catch up with top option brokers like TastyWorks.
1a. For combo orders using 'strategy builder' seems to be fastest way. They only allow you to enter the number of legs by 7 steps, 1.moving cursor to the leg you want to buy and sell, 2. click ask or bid, 3. move cursor to 'ratio' box, 4. click it, 5. delete default '1' and 6. enter your figure then 7. press enter,
this could be just 2 steps, by moving cursor to the leg you want to buy / sell, then, click for the quantity you want to buy or sell. Can even right click to reduce ratio. please see attachment
1b. when we click on bid or ask to sell or buy a leg in strategy builder, why cant we adjust it simply like TastyWorks? by moving the strike up or down or even to flip over to other side with the cursor. you might think you can do that, but no, its a world of difference, with TW strikes can be moved immediately and precisely, whereas with IB, it takes ~12secs to move and it might move to the wrong strike
embarrassing, as l was showing my friend who also wants to start trading options. he couldn't believe l was still sticking with IB.
1c. why does strategy builder not allow us to add more columns eg to show price of the leg, its delta?
1d. performance profile should show not only the pop but varying pop's, eg user can adjust it to probability of profit 30%, and it should calculate an approximate figure. eg if pop is 70% the pop35 might be 40% for eg.
1e. strategy builder should have an undo, redo or copy last strategies function

2a. when using the List view for the option chain why do we have to scroll all the way up to see the expiration month, should be always indicated which month you're in.
yes tab view, only shows you 4 tabs, most of the time the weeklies are not required, so we should be able to deselect those tabs and have monthlies instead / what the user requires.
2b. why doesn't the option chain show you the approximate expected movement of underlying in that expiry month? just the expiration chains IV is shown.
its good to see IB has IVR now, though it must use a different calculation for the same no. of days, as figures can be quite different from TW and yes l realise TastyWorks has those features above, which is why l will move not just a small portion of account to them but my whole account to them if IB just stays stagnant. it is falling too far behind. execution quality are both decent.
please see attachment
opinions? does anyone else have suggestions?


  • IB suggestion or recommendation for significant improvement in speed 5may19.png
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