lets further improve IB options trader, so it can be ranked amongst the best


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The IB suggestions forum for IB users is a way of getting IB users ideas developed.
Reckon vast majority of ib users dont use, i rarely use, ~ once every 3 years?!

Suggestions are for faster options combo inputting via the 'strategy builder' (which can easily be improved), % profit calculations, to show not only pop %, which is the probability of making $1 from a trade but should also show probability of x% profit of max profit , market maker move, ie, expected move of the underlying, in different periods of time, corresponding to the option chain expirations, so strategies can be built around this. market maker move is more accurate than subjective chart readings and many other trading softwares already have. lastly conditional orders contingent or depending on the delta of an option, eg delta is 0.25 when combo placed, want to buy back IF delta at 0.40? or roll if delta at .40?

please vote and inform me if you put up a suggestion, so l can vote for it.
To vote: https://www.interactivebrokers.com.hk/en/software/am/am/manageaccount/votingsubscriptions.htmor login to acct management , settings, user settings, in login panel click lower 'online features' sprocket on rhs, fill the 4 blanks: screen name & pw, user name &pw. then should be able to save and VOTE! Do let me know if you have suggestions, and I will try to help

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