IB and Amibroker

Jun 11, 2007
Hi Forum :)
I got several questions for you:

1.How long is the time period of the IB backfill reaching back in the past?
Does IB got their own server for that purpose?
I red the following text on the amibroker website:
"30 day backfill available for IB customers" - but there is no time period . I heard something about a maximum of 5 days of 1 minute bars back is that right?

2. Is it correct that IB does not transfer the opening price?
That statement is written in Amibroker IB API Limitations.

3. Furthermore I could read the following text in the User Guider:
" There is no backfill in IB API as of now" - does that mean that there is no backfill possible using the API Interface (but using the ActiveX Interface makes it possible), or does that mean that IB does not provide backfill for Amibroker in general?

4. How many symbols can I get in realtime when IB is my realtime data provider?
On the site amibroker.com there is something about 100 symbols streaming RT.
But in the User Guide it is different: supports up to 40 streaming symbols in RT (equal to IB TWS Limit).
So what is true now??

Please answer all my questions
Thx for the answers