I want to learn how to trade stocks,...


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Hello everyone,,
I have very little understanding of it at the moment but the stock market has always really interested me. I want to learn as much about day trading before I start doing it because I don’t want to loose a bunch of money off of ignorance, so if anyone has any suggestions on where to start, what programs to look into or any info at all let me know.
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Don't start with day-trading, start with long-term positions using daily charts, also referred to as D1 or EOD (End of Day).


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Hi everybody,,

I have next to no comprehension of it right now yet the financial exchange has in every case truly intrigued me. I need to find out as much about day exchanging before I begin doing it since I would prefer not to free a bundle of cash off of numbness, so on the off chance that anybody has any recommendations on where to begin, what projects to investigate or any data whatsoever let me know.


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The best solution would be to start with fundamentals of the markets - how the world economy works, which processes it includes and who are the participants. It is important to know main definitions and concepts: how companies use financial resources and how they get profit. Then you could move to corporate finance and study about accounting, taxation, IFRS, GAAP and other important things. At the same time, it is important to get at least basic understanding of main multiplies like P/E. For sure, there is no need for the trader to be able to build DCF model, but it is necessary to know how the situation inside the company expressed in its report.


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And remember:
1. Don`t rush yourself for live trading.
2. Don`t risk what you can`t afford to lose.