I have an appeal i am stuck in to much losses

Jan 29, 2018
Hi samekhan, cut loss is the best way on your position now. I think you miss the rigth time when you place an order...If you choose to stay..maybe you will meet margin call soon..


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Feb 5, 2012
........I recommend you max out your credit cards and borrow as much money from family and friends as you possibly can and then add to your losing positions. When the market turns in your favour (which it will do eventually), you'll be back to break even in no time at all and, thereafter, your losing position(s) will quickly turn into very profitable ones. You can then repay your family and friends with interest. They'll think you're a trading god and insist that you keep their money to trade on their behalf. You'll do that and make you and them multi-millionaires in no time at all.


well I've got to say the responses on this really are lacking in imagination
in the ops shoes would i really be closing my positions? I doubt it
I would probably remortgage my home, sell my wife and daughter and double up on all of my positions. they will come good eventually, surely?
Apologies for my late attendance:

It's good to hear from the risk averse from time to time. It would seem to me that a combination of the two strategies almost guarantees "success", though I do use the term somewhat loosely here.

All good approaches include an element of timing so perhaps you could set out the order of the maxed out credit cards / remortgaging the house / selling one's female relatives...... I'm concerned that if the cascade is set up the wrong way there might be a possibility of actually surviving the experience.

Another point that I feel needs some clarification is the market into which the female relatives are to be sold to generate the maximum return in the shortest possible time.

I await your illumination with baited breath.