How to progress in Forex?

Vladimir Rojas

Junior member
Friends, sure you have asked yourself this question and it really can only be answered with hard work.
You'll have to face losses, stress and the possibility that you can totally lose your first and second deposit, and even the money you deposit later. The most important thing to remember is that people who surrender never win and that the victors never give up. If you change your mentality and work every day, as much as you can, you will achieve it
And you could ask why? Worth it? The trader profession allows you to work from almost anywhere that has an Internet connection. You can even do it from any hotel room, cafe and even in remote places by means of your mobile phone or tablet. Forex traders have the advantages that almost no ordinary work offers, they are lucky to be able to enjoy managing their time at their discretion. Of course, these advantages are not free and take time to achieve. The sooner you start, the earlier you will get it.

Indeed, our progress in Forex should be measured based on numbers and not on reflections on how we operate. We may have a way to establish our strategy that doesn't match and even contrarie other techniques and yet if it produces positive results (more profits than lost) you can really talk about progress in Forex.


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Yes it is important to work at it as much as you can. Considering how easy it is to do it from wherever you are as long as you have an internet connection there is no need to worry about lack of flexibility or access to trade. All it takes is consistency
Yeah the internet connection plus remote desktop is all what a trader need and that is why the forex trading got more popularity during the corona lockdown.


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You are very right that a trader can trade from anywhere. However, I personally trade only from my working station. I watch my trades on my mobile, but I never take any entry.
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