How to predict world events

Can Lord Jamla tell the future??

  • I am not open minded enough to even consider it

    Votes: 4 33.3%
  • Maybe, but it's kinda scary to face up to what he predicts

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  • He's definitely got a skill, I would be interested to learn more

    Votes: 3 25.0%
  • No more need for crystal balls, he knows it all.

    Votes: 5 41.7%

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Ok Guys, this is starting to get out of hand all round and verging on being out of order.
Let's stop this thread here and now and move on.

Mr. Charts

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Hey bigbusiness,
Wonderfully appropriate lyrics ;-)
I logged on to the site, but isn't that Bobby out of "Dallas". Rather close to Lubbock,Texas.


Oh....I'll have a listen as I like Shania Twain.


Lol, thats why I was careful how i wrote that I liked her. I first wrote 'I like a bit of Shania Twain' but had to change that wording because I'm sure most of you would have responded to that posting in a certain way, lol.


How ironic.....

I too would 'like a bit of Shania Twain' :LOL: however, sadly, me thinks she ain't of the same mind :(


Anyway, back to business. WPP has had quite a nice rise since its March bottom. Now appears overbought.


To all you night owls who were up late last night (like I was) to catch my tip of shorting WPP, I hope you rose early to do so this morning (like I did) because it fell from 478 to 456.


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mea culpa! I, and I strongly suspect many others here, find Lord J humerous, and I would personally be happy to buy the chap a pint for the amusement he has afforded me. I for one am stabbing gently at the balloon with a pin, and imagine his skin to be thick enough to take the ribbing. I certainly don't want T2W to experience any problems as a result... :)


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Oy, I like Enigma <g>
It's not my fault I had a classical eddycation.
(When I was born the schoolmasters still wore togas).
Hic Haec Hoc, and all that....
Hello all, sorry I have been away, been a bit busy.

I am very thick skinned, trust me you have to be when you are in the business I am in. If I caused anyone any distress then I can only apologise, but can say that it was wholly expected. I even say on my seminars that those who aren't open minded and prepeared to accept some shocking truths needn't bother coming. I accept contempt as a gift, as long as i stick to my principles.

One thing people cannot doubt is the accuracy of my predictions since I've been here, you can easily view them in clear black and white. I have been extremely dissapointed that no-one has been able to answer the many questions I have had about trading, typified by this 35-post thread - NONE OF WHICH ARE ABOUT THE SUBJECT. I have chosen to refrain from posting since it seems to be causing much stress to the moderators, of which I can only apologise. I have already told Chartman that I think his Day trading threads are an excellent read.

In conclusion, I only came here to give people an insight into my techniques, whilst always been bound to my seminar teams, and if people choose to ignore them and use there own methods then I wish them every success.

And that folks - is as humble as I get.
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