How to create a trading strategy to profit of from the current financial "recession" ?

Attila the trader

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I'm not sure about the global nor the USA's condition but , in my country its surely a recession . I've stop trading because my preferred , previously profitable strategy of swing trading mid cap stocks isn't effective in the current market. how can i create a system that is suitable for the ongoing situation. i would assume that you need to have a deep understanding of macro economics. global markets and geopolitics . to predict large economical changes.
Macro view is not always a must. Is your goal to make money or understand how everything works? If your goal is making money then simply seek for and try anything that works, be it your own ideas or others' ones. The goal is to find setups that work, backtest, fine tune and get going. The sooner the better. Being fixed on one idea of how things should work is like coming to NYC and always look in one direction without ever turning your head. It's like being a 3D being who voluntarily decided to live in a 1D world :)