How Much time you spend trading and analyzing the markets?


The analysis is more of the work, but charting is all the work for me, finding the right stuff if I were to rephrase your question it the answer becomes more apparent, if I'm a sniper and you asked me how much is the getting camouflaged observation waiting, looking for that shots keeping fed nourished sustained unobserved and the actual pulling of the shot have which percentages you know the bigger part of the work?
you would actually say well clearly everything that was in the first instance is all the work and the shot is literally the coop to grab moments of just key acknowledgment where all the work manifests itself, in the same way, Muhammad Ali win was pointed out that it you know did you know you had that one fight with Joe Frazier was over in a minute and a half and you got paid X amount of dollars and you know that effectively meant you earned during that time the ludicrous sum of ex $1,000,000 per second and he actually said but hold on who was paying for me when I was running on the pavements in the streets 15 years ago and hitting a punching bag in a rundown district with nothing but my dreams,
so in essence the work is all done on the chart actual trade elements of implementing the putting it on the order placement is almost like pressing the button it's a very small element it's the pulling of the trigger it's a small element it's important and what happens post is that in trade management which law largely you should be leaving for your pre-agreed levels.
it's almost a sort of 91% of the work is you know in order to get the 90 to 10% work in your favor you spend 90% of your time study and then you might get 10%?
absolutely you start putting 91% into your chart analysis looking at across Intermarket say you're looking at buying gold how's the gold doing relative to the dollar is at the dollar have you looked at gold versus the euro you doing all this in share market analysis looking at all the patterns during every pattern in the run-up seeing where all the key levels are seeing how it interacted with all the key round numbers looking at the volume where's the volume been building up looking at the volatilities seeing if your setup is potentially a downside setup and comparing it with other similar that you've taken you're doing all of some of these things that I've only some of what I do before trade you do that 91% you're going to be part of the 9% on balance most occasions what actually, happens is people spend most of the time being in the trade and hitting the trade and trading in and out and very little of that is actually in the pre-trade preparation and it's like anything you know.
Its a great start to know what you're looking for when you open a chart. If not, then you might never stop looking at it, because what you're looking for still might be there.

(I had a boss once who seemed to follow the 5-minute rule. This is summed up as if you leave a job until there's only 5 minutes time left, then that job will never take longer than 5 minutes. He was annoying but he got a lot done....)
Analyzing the charts is so important to become successful in forex. Always research before the start and never leave to learn.